Quarantined Reflections

As the world has slowed in such a baffling way, I felt the need to resurrect this blog. I loved using it to share my reflections from the heart of a dance teacher a studio director and hope to do so more in the present and future than I have in the past two years.

Out of all the things we feel the need to anticipate, I can’t say that “pandemic” was one of them. Not a single thought to address this in our pre-semester staff meetings, not contingency plans for our students to learn out-of-studio, not Plan A, Plan, B, or Plan C for our spring recital. In the days leading to the decision to close InMotion during this time, I was ultimately sad. Sad that we wouldn’t be seeing our students, their progress together would and could slow, and the work they were putting into learning their recital dances would be interrupted. And thought that sadness remains, I have been encouraged by technology and its ability for us to continue communicating lessons to our dancers. I hope that what we have provided so far is helping them. In addition to this encouragement, I also feel so much gratitude to so many in our dance family:

To our Families: THANK YOU so much for your patience with our plans, our changing plans, our online learning videos, for your grace in accepting our relative unpreparedness for these circumstances, and for taking them in stride. Thank you for helping your children access these videos and for sharing photos and videos of them dancing at home. Having viewed posts on several studio owner social media forums, it seems that several studios are dealing with stress of families publicly disagreeing with decisions and demanding refunds for tuition payments, I thank you that our community has accepted our plans with grace and patience. I know that you do have questions about payments and recital preparations, I will address these in an email coming to you shortly. 

To our Teachers: THANK YOU for jumping into action to create learning resources for your students to use at home. I have several videos from teachers already and for every class that doesn’t have something already available, know that those teachers are working on it for you! As a studio director, I reached out to see what we could provide without knowing what would come my way for our dancers and have been amazed at what is in the works. Your overwhelming response has blessed me and blesses your students as well!

I hope and pray for your health and safety during this time. I pray that you are growing in relationships with your families and continuing to learn and grow in your studies of both academics and dance. Now that the initial whirlwind is passed and we have resources gradually coming to you, please do not hesitate to send us feedback, questions, and let us know how to continue these videos to best help you and your children. Keep praying with us for our world and for those who are more directly affected by illness during this time.

We miss you and can’t wait to see your smiling faces back in our studio and your feet on the dancefloor!

Love from Miss Alaina & the InMotion Staff