InMotion is dance studio and dancewear store located in Harrisonburg, VA

COVID-19 Related Announcements:

InMotion will be closed for regular classes until further notice. All classes are now meeting via Zoom on an alternating biweekly basis. The week of June 1-5 is Week B. We also have videos available with extra activities, review for students who may not be able to access Zoom.

Families: if you have not received an email regarding online classes, tuition payments, and recital plans in light of COVID-19, please contact us so we can make sure you are receiving communication.

Our Spring Recital will need to be postponed due to school closings through the end of the season. Our current plan is to extend our regular season into June/July and hold an August recital. Please check our Recital 2020 page for FAQ’s and updates.

Other Announcements:

Our Summer Praise camp information and registration form is now available! We looking forward to worshipping with you this summer! *these plans are subject to change in light of current events. Please continue to register if you would like to participate, any changes to the schedule will be communicated with you!

Summer Series schedule and registration information is postponed until we are able to announce our plans for continuing our regular 2019-2020 season. We hope to offer camps this summer, though we may need them to be late summer to accommodate an extension to our spring semester.

Thank you to Lisa Houff Photography for our new video featuring our own dancers and mission! Right-click the banner video at the top of this page and open in a new window to hear the music!

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