Devotion InMotion

Our worship series!

Devotion InMotion refers to any of our programs here at InMotion that are exclusively designed to worship Christ through dancing.

Friday Devotion InMotion Improv & Creative Worship sessions are held periodically at the studio and all our students and community are invited to attend! Sessions are free of charge, but students are encouraged to bring an offering (what you might pay for one dance class?). This Love Offering will change throughout the semester, based on student suggestions. We will announce where each offering will go. You will not need to register the same as a conventional class nor are you expected to attend each and every session as you would a normal class- this is come when you can, come as you are!

There are no Devotion InMotion sessions scheduled at this time. We hope to release a schedule soon and resume our designated time for worshipping through dance!

Students will not need to register for Improv & Creative Worship sessions, but you will need to sign a permission form if you or your child is not already an InMotion student.

Attire: whatever is comfortable, whether a leotard & tights, athleticwear, or sweats! (I know, betcha never thought you’d hear Miss Alaina say that!;-)