Recital 2020

Due to COVID-19, our recital has been postponed to a Summer Recital! We will also be performing outdoors at Oakdale Park in Bridgewater! We will continue to update information below as we move closer to these dates!

InMotion School of Dance will present our Spring Recital Series: “Diamonds in the Rough” August 1-2, 2020. The series will feature the ballet “Arabian Nights” and include our first-ever “Debut Performance” for our preschool-age dancers.

Showtimes will be announced in the week before the recital after a weather forecast is available:

Saturday, August 1st morning showtime “Arabian Nights: Debut Performance”
Saturday, August 1st afternoon/evening showtime “Arabian Nights” Ballet
Sunday, August 2nd afternoon/evening showtime “Diamonds in the Rough” Recital

Recital Guide:

Arabian Nights” Ballet
A story ballet including all our Ballet Ensemble classes, Senior Ballet Cast, and select other classes to fill our storyline and provide entertainment! This year, Junior Tap, Acrobatics II, and Senior HipHop classes will be a part of this ballet performance!
Expected show length: ~90 min. with intermission

“Arabian Nights: Debut Performance”
A condensed “junior” version of our ballet, so our preschool-age dancers can experience a story-ballet performance with limited backstage waiting time. Senior Ballet Cast will participate in this performance to guide the storyline and show you what you can expect your little dancer to learn with continued study in dance!
Expected show length: ~45 min., no intermission

“Diamonds in the Rough” Recital
This is a general recital format for our jazz, tap, lyrical, pointe, hiphop, and musical theatre classes to showcase their talents!
Expected show length: ~90 min. with intermission

-Tech Rehearsal for “Arabian Nights” will be held Saturday, July 25th at Oakdale Park. Your stagetimes will remain the same as listed in your original Recital Packet
-We still recommend ticket donations in the event of small-group performances, since these donations cover recital costs.
-You will not need to turn in your ticket/seating request since you will be seating yourself in lawn chairs and beach towels on the soccer field.

What about costumes?
All costumes have been delivered and are at InMotion. Costume companies do not provide returns and refunds, so costumes will be given out to all our students rather than refunded. If you will not be performing in the recital due to vacation or other circumstances, we will hold a costume pickup day in August.