The Christmas Performance at InMotion has become a tradition each December. Performed at different churches and schools in Rockingham County, ballet classes at InMotion tell the story of the reason for the Christmas season through various seasonal songs and dances. Donations at each performance are contributed to New Community Project’s “Give a Girl a Chance” program, which provides funds to girls in Sudan, Nepal, Burma, & Central America to be able to attend school. Through the past three Christmas performances at InMotion, we have raised over $10,000 for Give a Girl a Chance.

We will share Hope of the World 2019 with our community on December 7th & 8th. All ballet classes will take part in these performances. (Note for family & friends: Beginning I & PreBallet classes will dance one night only, check to see when they will be onstage.)
Saturday, December 7th        4:00 p.m.     Montevideo Middle School, Penn Laird, VA
Saturday, December 8th        4:00 p.m.     Bridgewater Church of the Brethren, Bridgewater, VA

Hope of the WorldHope of the World (1)
Connections to yesterday-the Christmas story through contemporary songs

 This is the story of our world, our helplessness as human beings, and the amazing events of two-thousand years ago. It is an age-old story told in music and movement of modern society- of our worries, our trials- which are similar to those of ones who came long before us, and our common and desperate need for a Savior. Through the incredible events of Jesus’ birth, His perfect life, and His ultimate sacrifice that provided us all the opportunity for eternal forgiveness and salvation, we are reminded that God’s love is still with us today- yesterday in our arms, today in our hearts- the hope of the world. We are never far from Bethlehem.

Archive of InMotion Christmas performances:

2019          “Hope of the World”

2018          “The Heart of Christmas”

2017          “Come & Worship”

2016         “Let There Be Light”

2015         “‘O Night Divine”

2014          “Ring the Bells”

2013          “Hope of the World”

2012         “This is Christmas”

2011         “Come & Worship”

2009        “Let There be Light”

2008        “Hope of the World