Dance Mom 101

Tips for New InMotion Parents
Written by:
A Seasoned Dance Mom (not to be confused with the crazy TV version of same)

What am I getting into?
The answer is simply…a family! We are part of the InMotion Family and it is a truly wonderful experience. Whether your child is a part of one class or several, each student is an integral member of a group that works with the incredible teachers and other students to create something beautiful and fulfilling. It never ceases to take my breath away when I see the efforts of the teachers and students at performance time!

Why am I spending $ on this?
This is an investment in your child’s creativity and confidence as they learn to express themselves through dance. This is quite honestly the best return on investment there is! Where else can your child hang out with other kids who love to dance and have lots of exposure to glitter and sequins? It is the ultimate team sport experience…all while wearing tights and a tutu! Oh and then there are the other benefits such as building muscle tone, developing coordination skills and being part of something magical.

What do they wear?
Tights are required (usually pink for ballet) with a leotard and a skirt for ballet classes. Tights are recommended for modesty reasons. Let’s face it…no one wants their little ballerina to bare her bottom during class! Hair should be in a pony tail or bun.
For other classes, a leotard and tights. A skirt or shorts may be added. All dancewear should be form-fitting so teachers can view and correct technique.

Can I watch?
No…Class time is a time of instruction and requires the children to focus on what they are learning just as they do at school (or will do once they begin school). It often is a distraction for the children if a parent is present during class. One other really cool thing that happens is that the children really love to spend the weeks ahead of a performance or recital getting ready to surprise their parents with what they have learned. I can tell you from experience that I cannot stop smiling when I see what they accomplish. As a treat, the teacher will usually let the parents observe one of the last practices before recital or a performance as a sneak peak.

Can I leave to run errands?
As long as the front desk has a valid number to reach you, you are welcome to leave and run errands. Parents of younger children are encouraged to stay in the waiting area for the first few practices to ensure the child is acclimating well or in case bathroom assistance is needed. Of course, some parents stay to chat with other parents, read a book without interruption (something most of us are not used to at home) or just do nothing for those few sweet minutes!

Please let us know what questions you would like answered from one mom to another!=)