Nepal: January 19th

19 Jan 18
En route Kathmandu to Istanbul to Home

We have finally taken off from Kathmandu after sitting at the gate for an extra two hours. One last (hopefully last!) frustration at Nepalese transportation- though this seemed to be a problem with Indian airspace. It’s amazing how quickly frustration can be turned to joy- as we taxiied to takeoff, we got one last glimpse of the Boudha Stupa, where we spent so much of our time. As we rose above the smog, there again are the Himalayas, at my eye level. It again reminds me of childhood years spent staring out the school bus window, marveling at the intricacies of nature, looking as deep into the woods at the landforms, swamps, and laurel groves as they flashed by. These mountains are so very large, they do not flash by, rather, I am allowed a few minutes to marvel at the intricacies and beauty of each one.

How blessed am I to see these in my lifetime, the beautiful sculptures, frosted with snow, a reminder of the gift God gave us in Creation. To have the means to travel here, to be one to listen to the stories of these women, to come away with an expanded view of this world, of humanity, in all of its beauty and pain, problems and gifts. And this knowledge and experience comes with a challenge- to live in harmony with this Creation- to love and respect the environment in which we live, so these majestic mountains may remain snowtopped. To be aware of the pain in this world, to pray for those experiencing such and give thanks for the gifts in my life. To listen and seek to understand the stories of those around me. I am thankful for this experience and pray for all those I have met along the way.