Nepal: January 7th

7 Jan 18
9:30 p.m. Istanbul, Turkey

This trip is certainly one of long layovers but luckily few legs. It is easy in such a busy airport to become frustrated with those who wander in our paths, who are simply unaware of those around them But I was struck with a thought as I was nearly knocked aside twice by a woman- God loves her, she is His child,and so am I. Out of this large (so large!) crowd of people, I find it amazing once again to realize God’s deep and personal level of love.

We are camped in a coffee court in the airport. We have been here several hours and have a few more to go. Sleepy. Occasionally, a few will go walking while the rest watch over luggage. People-watching, reflecting on, and admiring the diversity of God’s Creation.

(L) Good morning, Istanbul! (R) our coffeeshop camp in the airport