COVID-19 Accommodations: Spring 2022

These are subject to change, dependent on continued monitoring of the situation in Virginia and the Harrisonburg area to ensure we are operating safely.

The studio lobby will be closed until further notice to families during classes. Please bring your dancers to the door ready to dance and meet them and their teacher there at the end of class.
The door will be monitored (except class changes with only older classes meeting) while students are leaving to make sure younger students meet a parent. Masks need to be worn while waiting by students school age and older. Dancers should not arrive more than ten minutes before a class begins. Parents may enter briefly to make any payments needed once the class has begun and the lobby has emptied of dancers. Thank you!

We have “boxes” in stage tape on all studio floors to mark distance between students.

Dancers must always bring a mask to class with them. We are working to keep environments so that dancers do not need to wear them the entire class, but depending on the activity, the teacher may ask them to put them on. Masks must always be worn in the lobby.

In the event that we would need to close temporarily, we will move all classes online via Zoom until we are able to open again.